April 25, 2008

Petite Accent Tables

Do you find yourself noticing a void between furniture objects in your house?  Do certain rooms have an awkward flow?  Do you ever look at a room, know there’s something not quite perfect, but can’t decide what the problem may be?  A few petite accent tables may be the perfect solution.  The beauty of a petite table is ingenious.  Not big enough to be imposing, yet imposing enough to redirect traffic, consider a petite table when there’s a void or space that needs to be filled particularly with a beautiful object, an “art piece”. 

You may notice that your living room has empty spaces beyond what is needed for comfortable traffic flow.  Is there a slightly too large gap between the end of a sofa and a love seat or chair that rests perpendicularly?  Perhaps instead of having a sofa with a corner piece you have two sofas adjacent in an L-shape.  Or you have a secretary desk near your arm chair, but not quite near enough.  Depending on your furniture arrangement, you may have a mixture of heights and widths that need to be brought together in a unifying manner.  Before you scrap all the furniture and start over, consider using petite accent tables.

The beauty of an accent table is that it can either mimic the style of the pieces it joins or it can be totally different and an object of art all by itself.  Often by being in contrast with the dominant style of the room your petite table can change the focal point of the room. Do you want to draw attention to the beautiful secretary desk you discovered? Balancing it with a fabulous arm chair and an accent table will bring your eye right to it. It transforms from being just a lovely secretary desk to a picturesque productivity area.

A particularly spectacular petite accent table is itself a work of art.  Indeed a growing focus for art collectors who collect furniture pieces.  It isn’t necessary to spend $600,000 on an art piece for your wall when you can have a functional art piece in the form of petite accent tables for much less.  You can elevate the entire look of a room with a small addition. Is your living room currently very traditional?  You can instantly give it a lift by adding a more contemporary petite accent table.  Of course, the same holds true.  If you have a very contemporary space you can warm up the space by adding a more traditional petite accent table.  The beauty of using the petite table for area transformation is that you achieve the desired look without the time and expense of completely redecorating.  It also allows you to test mixing concepts with relatively low commitment. 

One of the fastest, most efficient ways to pull a room together whether used for formal or informal entertaining is a petite accent table.  These tables are perfect for unifying different styles as well as different sizes of furniture. They are great for drawing your eye to the areas you want to highlight.

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