Coffee Tables

by guestpost on May 19, 2010

Coffee tables provide your living room with a central place to set drinks or other items but this often leads to major clutter issues.  If you want to prevent coffee table clutter, here are few habits you and your family can try to develop.  First, make sure you have adequate storage for living room items like remote controls, TV schedules, magazines and cups.  Coffee tables with drawers underneath them can be a great way to reduce clutter if you remember to put things away when you’re not using them.  Side tables and sofa tables also make great places to store things.  The main thing about reducing clutter on coffee tables, as well as anywhere else, is to remember to put things away when they aren’t being used.  Remind yourself and your family of this.  Think about what should be on your coffee table (which should not be very much).  Things that go on coffee tables might include coasters, a floral arrangement and coffee table books.  Anything else should not be there unless it is in use by someone sitting at the coffee table.  Keeping this in mind at all times is a great way to keep clutter from building up on your coffee table.  Coffee tables should be a place where you can entertain, not a place to put things that have no other place.

by guestpost on April 22, 2010

Coffee tables may seem unremarkable, but they actually can be quite useful.  Though they are not the most important aspect of your home, coffee tables do serve an integral function.  They are the perfect place to gather after a great meal in your home and socialize or to sit at as you watch a movie or television show.  For this purpose, you will want a style of coffee table that makes your guests feel invited and comfortable.  Try something in an unpainted wood with mellow color tones.  You can also surround your coffee table with comfy cushions.  Another great use for coffee tables is as a place to serve coffee, tea and desserts after dinner.  For this purpose, you may want a coffee table that has an easy to clean surface, like glass.  You are probably right in front of your coffee table more often than you realize.  Maybe you should pay more attention to your coffee table’s care and condition.  If you take a closer look at your coffee table, you might find that you are not satisfied with its style or design.  In this case, there are plenty of attractive, functional coffee tables to choose a new one from.

Characteristics of a Square coffee table

by guestpost on March 23, 2010

If you looking for elegant and simple furniture piece to heighten the style of your living room, you will have to look no furniture than a square coffee table. A square coffee table is a versatile piece of furniture and is highly adaptable. You will find different varieties in the contemporary square coffee table with different colors and styles. Hence, you will find a square coffee table that blends perfectly well in any home with equal grace and confidence. To purchase the most unique square coffee table for your own home, you can easily find more designs and style in all major online stores.

Lounge glass coffee tables

by guestpost on February 22, 2010

Ever thought of giving your homes a lounge-like feel? This can be done with the help of a chic coffee table in attractive colors and cuts. Cherry, latte, white cottage, coffee, ebony, mahogany and other such wood polish finishes can make your regular glass coffee tables look absolutely stunning. Such glass coffee tables can comprise of glass tops in shapes of pianos, guitars and other such interesting patterns to make them look perfectly classy. Designer accents placed atop such coffee tables can make them look superbly attractive. It is now very easy to transform even the simplest of the spaces of your homes into lounges, courtesy lounge glass coffee tables.

Contemporary round wood coffee tables

by guestpost on February 1, 2010

The simple coffee tables are passé. Contemporary round coffee tables make great furniture piece. You can find classic round wood coffee tables in the market even today. These wooden coffee tables could be upholstered with some great quality fabrics or leather. Some people are even getting personalized coffee tables. You can easily carve the family initials on the exquisite wooden coffee tables. You can find an array of contemporary round wood coffee tables at the various manufacturers. Getting a high quality and some fantastic styles for round wood coffee tables would cost you quite a deal. If you wish to purchase these classic tables for a less values then check out at the garage sales.

by guestpost on December 28, 2009

This beautiful piece of aquarium cum coffee table can bring you relaxation and comfort. You can store fish and reptiles in your coffee tables. This aquarium entertains, inspires creativity and creates a very pleasant environment. This is the latest trend that has come up as a part of modern furniture. A fish tank coffee table is often the center of attraction and it could actually keeps you engrossed for hours. It serves the purpose of table as well as aquarium. It also saves a considerable amount of space if you have a small living room. This fish tank coffee table is a perfect combination of natural world and modern era.

The round glass coffee table made of glass and aluminum, looks beautiful. This is an innovative idea of coffee table. There is thick glass top on the polished aluminum. This coffee table can be accommodated in any kind of décor. They are practically designed. These coffee tables are versatile and space efficient. Aluminum has a silver finish that makes it look shiner. These coffee tables are easy to assemble. They match the settings of the room. Glass coffee tables are now the most commonly used coffee tables.  It gives a distinctive image of the décor. Coffee tables give a unique look to the living room.

by guestpost on October 14, 2009

Although this fish tank coffee table was not heard of before, it is a contemporary table that includes an inbuilt fish tank to give an elegant look to your living room. If you sport a modern and contemporary interior décor for your home, then choosing a fish tank coffee table would make a great deal in giving some additional and personalized touch to your interior. This elegant piece of furniture would also make up for the additional fish tank thereby offering you a perfect and lavish fish tank combined with coffee table for your home.

Contemporary coffee tables for a sophisticated look

September 15, 2009

ShareTransform your living room into a sophisticated and sleek look with the contemporary coffee tables. The contemporary coffee tables are mostly refined and smooth compared to the traditional coffee table. There are a wide range of table top which can come in stones, marble, tiles and many more. With this sleek and attractive looks of [...]

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Coffee Tables Are Heavy Use Furniture

August 4, 2009

ShareFew pieces of furniture see as much use as coffee tables. Whatever the design you choose, make sure that it is able to survive the strains put on it. Of course, they are used to keep coffee cups and drinks on. But people often forget to use coasters and things do get spilled. Coffee tables [...]

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Try something different with modern coffee tables

June 22, 2009

ShareCoffee tables have undergone tremendous changes in the recent times. Unlike the past, coffee tables are not used just to hide the ugly walls and corners. Today, modern coffee tables are undertaking more subtle responsibilities and are taking active roles in enhancing the look of your décor. These tables have started sporting more contemporary designs, [...]

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Unique modern coffee tables

May 19, 2009

ShareFor the unique décor of your home there are unique coffee tables that will match the style with Modern coffee tables. These incredible style coffee tables are finding their way in the market. The uniqueness of the tables is in the table tops and the shape of the legs. The table tops can be carved [...]

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Tips for buying a coffee table

March 23, 2009

ShareThere are lots of coffee table designs and styles that are available on the market. Sometimes it becomes quite confusing for you to decide which one to buy and which one will suit your room décor perfectly. There are many factors for you to consider before you set off to buy the coffee table. First [...]

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Glass top art deco coffee tables

December 5, 2008

ShareThe glass top art deco coffee tables will look pretty stylish, and for your home décor it is the perfect piece. Both stylish and comfortable to use these art deco coffee tables can enhance and deck up your room in a lavish style. Available in many shapes like the circular, rectangular, square glass tops, these [...]

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