End Tables

by guestpost on June 11, 2010

It takes all kinds of end tables to make up the furniture world. However, there are some end tables, which make more of an impression than others. Art deco end tables are one of them. The art deco end tables have earned a good reputation, mainly because of the different types of quality furniture products they offer. Some of the most popular art deco end tables include Aquarius lighted end tables, contemporary clear butterfly end table, end tables with lighting and more. The types of art deco end tables are also based on their shapes and sizes, their price range and more. Hence, when opting for art deco end tables, you have to take a lot of things into consideration.

by guestpost on April 12, 2010

The misconception that a lot of people have about occasional tables is that they are a special type of table. The truth is that they are just another name for small, decorative tables.  It’s used to describe end tables, lamp tables, coffee tables and sofa tables, as well as others. The style and design of an occasional table is widely varied, and a lot of companies sell them in sets that coordinate both with other tables and designs.  This type of table is found in most furniture stores and it’s one of the most versatile kinds of furniture.

by guestpost on March 8, 2010

Without them, your bed stands alone, with nowhere to put your glass of water, reading lamp or alarm clock. Some come with drawers or shelves for easy storage. When purchasing end tables, make sure the style will best suit your needs. The size and height are also to be considered when buying end tables, depending on the height of your bed. You don’t want them too high that you have to reach over to get your books. Narrow high tables with a single drawer make the room look lighter, but large tables can hold and store more, as long as your room is big enough.

by guestpost on February 9, 2010

End tables can make your home look more finished but only if they are in good shape. Many people ignore the state of their end tables because they think that no one else will notice. But end tables are made to be looked at and your guests may be noting the scratches and cracks in your old end tables. if you take some time to care for and maintain your end tables, this doesn’t have to be the case. Wooden end tables are generally very durable but do require some basic care. Polishing, waxing or oiling them regularly will protect them from dryness and moisture and keep them looking great. Clean wooden end tables with a dry cloth immediately after any messes happen. Metal is very resistant but can still use frequent cleaning. Wipe metal end tables down every once in a while with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Check them regularly for rust. Tighten any bolts that may have loosened. General upkeep of end tables should also include dusting and using coasters for drinks you put on them. If your end tables are damaged beyond repair, there are many new styles that could be a much better accent to your home décor.

by guestpost on January 7, 2010

End table make an attractive addition to a living room or bedroom but can sometimes verge on the plain or boring side.  There are many kinds of unique end tables available, however, many that incorporate metal.  Here are some examples of the great options in metal end tables.  Most end tables that are made from metal come in one of three types.  These are iron, aluminum and steel.  All three metals are very durable and can complement different setting.  Iron is a dark metal and can either be cast or wrought.  Wrought iron has a handmade look that works well in more traditional or rustic designs.  It is rather heavy, so is probably best for end tables that you will not be moving very often.  Aluminum in a lighter, sleeker looking metal.  It is very durable and looks great in contemporary designs.  Aluminum end tables may incorporate other materials like a glass tabletop.  Pure aluminum end tables complement other simple contemporary furniture.  Steel is another option.  It’s weight is somewhere between aluminum and steel but it’s look tends to be more modern.  Steel looks great on retro end table styles.  Most metal end tables are very attractive and can be a great durable option.

by guestpost on December 22, 2009

End tables make great elements of interior design but many homeowners fail to take advantage of their many uses.  If you are redecorating or simply updating your home’s look, consider incorporating some attractive end tables into your design plan.  Antique looking end tables are a great addition to many homes.  They most often come in wooden designs that are embellished with other details.  Often, these woods are finished in a dark woods paint or glossy varnish.  Gold floral designs or metal details often a great amount of embellishment to antique inspired end tables.  Some antique style end tables will incorporate glass or wrought iron into their design.  They can come with or without drawer and cabinet, making them suited to any display or storage needs you might have.  Antique reproductions are a great alternative to expensive originals but have the same effect.  They add a rich and lavish appeal to any living room with an old-fashioned feel to it.  These send tables also look great with antique lamps and as a display place for a small collection of antique books.  Elegant antique style end tables are a great option for many homes, so look around at the many options available.

Oval shaped end table looks very elegant and attractive. The oval shaped end tables are traditional in style with clean lines and smooth shiny surface. The cherry and ash burl veneer finish gives the end table a traditional and elegant look. The gleaming cherry finish is sure to attract attention. This oval table can be added with another shelf so that it is possible to store extra things like magazines and daily newspaper. The oval end table looks even more appealing as it has curving legs that give it a delicate look. Beautiful carvings on the side of the table can make unusual end tables.

Art deco end tables – a unique style of table

by guestpost on October 19, 2009

The art deco end tables are the best and easiest way of enhancing the ambiance of your room decorations. It is a substantial and stylish piece of furniture which can grace the room decors of any house. Its highly unique designs have been appreciated all over the world, for ages and it is still dominating over other styles of tables. Make this end table a part of your room furniture and see the magical effect that it has. You will simply love the whole decoration of your room with it. There are plenty of these tables available, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting them.

End table – a decorative and functional table

September 30, 2009

ShareEnd tables are not just a decorative piece in your room, but it also has a functional purpose. They are both practical and purposeful on top of that a very striking and beautiful furniture. The end tables will enhance the whole outlook of your room décor. You can put this table on your living room, [...]

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Nesting End Tables Stack Perfectly

September 9, 2009

ShareNesting end tables are small-sized tables, and usually come in sets of three tables, in which each consecutive table is smaller than the other. The special feature of these tables is that the third and the smallest table can be slid under the larger second table, which in turn can be slid under the first [...]

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Why end tables are preferred

August 25, 2009

ShareMany households prefer the end table over the coffee table because the end table, although placed at the side, can still be used to serve tea, coffee, drinks, and even your food as you watch television. Kids often bump against the glass and metal coffee tables, and can be seriously hurt; whereas their chances of [...]

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Use Contemporary End Tables To Supplement Your Coffee Table

July 1, 2009

ShareWhat are contemporary end tables for? Most people use them to occupy empty space or to place things that they have no room for elsewhere. But they can also be very functional. Suppose you had low contemporary end tables of the same height as your contemporary coffee table. And suppose you need more coffee table space? The [...]

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Unusual End Tables: They Get Your Attention!

April 14, 2009

ShareThere are a few people who consider choosing unique and unusual end tables to decorate their homes. Choosing end tables that are unique and a bit unusual can give a great look to the living room interior as they could also easily match any of your furniture. The slate top table and magazine rack is [...]

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Difference between an End Table and a Coffee Table

April 7, 2009

ShareYou have your coffee table to serve tea and coffee. But what about your newspapers, comics, magazines, CDs, table lamps and other items that are regularly used or displayed? There is a table that can hold all of these. An end table is the one. As the name suggests, it is placed at the end [...]

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