Wood End Tables

End Table Styles

by guestpost on November 18, 2009

End tables come in a great many styles, materials and color schemes.  If you’re having difficulty choosing one that is best suited to your needs, consider a classic wooden design.  Wooden end tables come in many different styles that are suitable for different settings.  Rustic end tables made from weathered wood are one attractive option.  These homey end tables add a warm, traditional feel to a room.  They work well in homes with a Southwestern, Old World or country design scheme.  If you prefer contemporary design and clean lines in your home décor, there are plenty of options for you in wooden end tables.  Many contemporary end tables incorporate wood and metal into their design, creating a great contrast of color and texture.  Many of these designs also have innovative design that go beyond the standard end table look.  They are great for potential buyers looking to purchase something unique and eye-catching.  Another popular type of wooden end tables is that in the vein of antique or vintage furniture.  There are many affordable reproductions of originals that will give you home a rich, luxurious touch.  Whatever your style, wooden end tables may be the perfect addition to your home décor.

If you are looking for materials to make end tables, cherry wood & glass are an ideal combination. A glass top looks best on the deep reddish brown wood. Cherry wood is hard, and yet it is light and durable. The grainy texture combines the rustic look with the cultured look. When it comes to end tables, cherry wood and glass do not lose their luster with time. Cherry wood gets a deeper hue, whereas glass is weather proof, making the beauty of such end tables last for years altogether. In the Greek and Roman era, cherry wood was widely used for furniture, but today it has become an expensive commodity.

Drum Tables Make Heads Turn

by guestpost on July 21, 2009

 No matter how comfortable modern furniture makes you feel, old rustic styled décor has a charm of its own. It makes people take another look or get closer for a better look. Why? It is because it creates an alluring ambience that satisfies mans desire for his natural surroundings. Drum tables can perfectly complement your rustic and antique furniture, and can bring in a Native American, Indian or African theme to your living room. Drum table can be cylindrical or block-shaped, and can be made of maple, birch or cherry. These may be tables specially crafted to look like drums, or can also be real drums with reinforced tops to be used as tables. Some drum tables are fitted with acoustic table tops – great for singing times.

How to Clean Wood Tables

by guestpost on May 27, 2009

How to clean wood tables all depends on how dirty the table is and what type of finish it has. If your tables are natural, stained wood you’ll need to use a bit more work to care for them than one that’s been sealed with a polyurethane coating. We’ll work through the cleaning options for both from light dusting to a full deep cleaning. If both types of table just have a little bit of dust on them you can clean them off with a static cloth. These cloths attract dust to them leaving a nice clean surface without any chemical residues.

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Why End Tables

by guestpost on April 30, 2009

Cherry Wood & Glass End tables are meant to be accent tables. That is, the tables themselves should be the object of attention and not what is placed on them. End tables of cherry wood & glass means the tables will look slid and elegant. Cherry wood is a natural hard wood known for its luster, grain and deep glow. Glass will always give a light open look to any furniture on which it is used. End tables of cherry wood & glass do not need heavy design work to make them attractive. The materials used do the job themselves. Cherry wood is hard and so the chances of accidental scratching of the surface are not as great as with softer woods.

Oak end table for any decor

by EVS Blog Admin on August 15, 2008

A warm cozy room with a fireplace and old-fashioned sofa set cannot do without a grand oak end table. An oak end table is an extremely popular and versatile end table that goes well with not just old-fashioned rooms, but also modern apartments. You simply cannot take your eyes off the highly polished oak surface to its delicate finishing. Oak end tables are also more reliable and sturdy. They are long lasting and durable. Oak end table can be slightly expensive if the model you choose is advanced. However, there is no such thing as buying an Oak end table. You simply learn to invest in it for long-term companionship.